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  1. Glad to see nothing has changed!
  2. Drum and Bass and Minecraft...

  3. It would be amazing if the launcher could have something like this to allow the user to pick the destination folder, but right now I'm just waiting for Technic 7 before anything else.
  4. WOW! that worked, and it was really easy. I had to move round some saves and config files, but after that it was so simple. thanks a lot man, maybe you should do a sticky on this, it's a really good method of do it! once again thanks so much!
  5. I'm in the same situation, I would really like to install the Technic launcher on my 'Games HDD', but the moment you double click on the JAR it installs itself in the app data folder. my computer is prone to randomly crashing, causing me to reinstall windows, and that would mean losing my saves...:'( Is there a way to change the destination folder for the Technic launcher or should I give up searching??
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