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  1. It work now after I download 5 files and do other stuff. Thx for that with Launch.bat It helped me so I knew what I would start working on the file
  2. Hi I download 1.3.9 multibplayer server and started up it. When I join the server it's only a Vanilla server. If I copy my singel server from Big Dig in the world on multiplayer server so all "machinery" in the mods is lost, only empty place or a hole in the wall/ground Help me how I can get the mods activade in Big Dig server.
  3. Okey thx.. I play only lan with friends, so no problem, it go fast to do it
  4. okey thanks. but can you say what i do now after all your updates and remove mods in server and not in game.. Forge mod loader could not connect to this server: Minechem : @[email protected]
  5. Why take away blue Power? sorting machine, filter, retriver... you now, Is good to have a sorting system on the server.. Pipes: if a chest is full so jump the stacks out of the chest. tubes: if a chest is full so go it to a other chest or back there it come from
  6. I want have the saw and do covers to build things with,
  7. I test one thing and copy, I can copy Everything but not the start chunk file, World/region/r.0.0.mca and it is that file I have most of my World on... When I open my server is say: Skipping Tile Entites with id cover...
  8. Hi, I have download the new server but I want have my World (1.4.7) I play on with friend on this new server (1.5.2).. Can someone help or give me utube video link how I do?
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