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  1. Since I play on a 1.4.7 server, I needed to downgrade big dig until Minecraft ran on 1.4.7. Try changing the big dig version to 1.2.2, it worked for me.
  2. Ah, that would fix all of my problems then. It was tricky wording. Thank you so much for the help and fast reply! Happy mining! :)
  3. Because if I accept the update, doesn't it automatically update the pack to the latest? Oh, when it asks to update, it's asking to upgrade to the older version doesn't it?
  4. I have done that many times, sometimes after I say no to the upgrading it will play, but it still runs on 1.5.2. That's the issue.
  5. Hello, I've been playing on a Big Dig server that runs on Minecraft 1.4.7. When the launcher asked me if I wanted to upgrade the pack, I thought it would only upgrade the pack and not the minecraft jar. Now Big Dig runs on 1.5.2, and for the life of me I can't change it back. I even tried to restore the both technic and technic launcher files to a previous state, didn't work. When I change the jars out to 1.4.7, it asks me if I want to upgrade the pack. I say no, and then it just does nothing. It only runs if I say yes to the upgrade. Is there a way I can get a older launcher or something? I want to play on the 1.4.7 server but the launcher only works if I update everything. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks,