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  1. Hello! you having trouble with logging in to the server?

  2. Saw your thread about power sources in Tekkit, I have made a tutorial I think you will find relevant.

  3. 20 MB up 20 MB down, hdd space available right now 24 GB, processor i5 at 10% max, ram 3 GB left out of 8, max players I've had so far is 5 at once but there was no issues at all with all of them yesterday. Today I'm alone and this is happening. There is no way to notice anything at all in the game but the console shows this msg every minute.
  4. it was not my intention at all to advertise. Could I ask for help with the problem I mentioned in the previous post please?
  5. hey guys, not sure what's going on but although the server seems to be fine when players log in, it comes up with a msg: "Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" ping for all players seems to be ok, there is no lag at all, no errors in the game, have lots of resources left (on the server). I have even tried on another computer (to move the server) and it comes up with the same thing. I'm sure this is not because of the hardware. The odd thing is that it comes up with this msg almost exactly every minute + - 10 s. Anything I can do about it? Again
  6. sorry guys but are you sure this is going to work on the New tekkit server?
  7. I'm not really advertising -just testing the server and need some help - that's all plus I didn't even wanted to put the address here but people asked about it..
  8. Hey guys! please try joining: konradkw.no-ip.org Let me know if you have any issues at all.
  9. I'm getting lost in all those DSU, AE, MFR etc lol I'm not really so much in to it yet to know what that means Would you mind using full names please?
  10. we have 4 players so far, it would be good to see if we can fit any more without lag so if you guys have anyone else, please invite them as well! thanks!
  11. I know how to do it just have not had a chance plus there was no need for it until now.
  12. I will post the IP in about an hour as I need to set my firewall up first to allow U to join, for now, you can only use hamachi - until I forward the port to the server.
  13. sure, I will be back home in an hour or so. I will get back to you when I'm in front of my PC ok? In mean time, if anyone else would be interested, please let me know! All welcome !
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