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  1. 1. aPersonManGuy 2. chaos2790 3. I am 17 1/2 4. I'd say 6-7 or so 5. tinkers construct and the morph mod 6. no :/ 7. also no :/ I don't have the proper setup and theres so many AOTBT videos surfacing I don't think I would really get anywhere 8. ocelots 9. I like building, farming (yes, farming. ), and most importantly just playing with friends and associates 10. I like the rules (no griefing, pranks allowed, pvp consent, ect... ) and I would just love to be a part of a white-listed community for this game, the server staff sounds friendly (based on comments left by them on this page) and hopefully the community will be as well 11. umm, im a funloving guy, I love hanging around other people and learning from what they make and showing off what I've made, I enjoy making jokes (many of which usually just go right over peoples heads lol) and just having fun in this silly modpack. I don't like raiding or griefing, nor do I enjoy partaking in pvp too much and I hate hackers and scammers. i have like no life (out of high-school but not yet in college ) so i play often. aside from that though i just enjoy being a part of a community that is close-knit or very friendly towards one another (even though there will always be THAT guy :/). anywhoo, i hope my app gets accepted, cya.
  2. Age: im 17 years old IGN: aPersonManGuy Why do you want to join the server?: so after I got griefed (repeatedly) on my old server I decided to look for one where griefing wasn't enabled - and that's where I stumbled upon this gem. just by looking at all the other players applications I can tell that this server is going to be a very close-knit, nice community to play with, and with griefing and stealing against the rules repeatedly getting griefed should be a problem of the past mainly though I just want to make friends and everyone on the app page *seems* friendly soooo yeah Skype: my Skype username is Chaos2790, I don't generally like going into Skype voicechats as it completely ruins my computers audio until I restart it for some reason :/ but if you want i'll get on regardless, the audio issue isn't too much of an annoyance Please accept my app, I would love to play on your server
  3. im trying to power 2 refineries with ic2 hv-solar-arrays attatched to mfsu's, I keep trying different things with energy bridges, bc producers, and all of the ic2 consumers but all that happens is that the golden conductive pipes explode after everything is hooked up , can someone please help me here?
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