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  1. I play with about 45 other people on my server. We all hated IC2. I think you are exaggerating the importance of your own opinion.
  2. ic2 was garbage and a dead mod. glad it's gone. Now electric expansion needs to get added...
  3. I had the same thing after breeding two chocobos and coming back to this 10 minutes later: I tried mass murdering them but they would not die unless I switched the world off peaceful. I've left it on easy and haven't had the issue since, but I also haven't tried breeding again chocobos either.
  4. Alright I got the issue with treecapacitor fixed, and it looks like I can get all of the natura stuff loading just fine, as well as spawning redwoods. But, redwoods aren't being generated with the world by the server like they are when I make a client world. EDIT: Maybe this is some kind of issue with the natura mod as now I can't seem to get them to generate in client worlds either wtf.
  5. I mean, this host worked find with all other technic modpacks, just not this one. And it's starting using the right jar. I just put the files in the directory, remove the default server jar, and it goes.
  6. I do have FTP access, obviously, which I how I can upload the server files. I had voltz running just fine for months and I used the same process to set up BD and I have this problem with the trees
  7. How can I go about doing that with a multicraft server? They only give you the choices of what is in the dropdown box for the server executable. EDIT: Big dig is not one of them.
  8. when I run a server locally, everything works fine, but on my remote server, redwoods don't spawn (I get a There is no such item with ID 1539 when I try to spawn a redwood sapling) and treecapacitor just doesn't work. help??
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