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  1. no, i haven't yet. can you give me the link
  2. as the title says, how do i make one?
  3. they just spawn me in random places
  4. is there any good tekkit survival island maps with no rules? i keep downloading ruled maps that keep me from going into recipe mode
  5. could i put these mod into the new tekkit because i want have a fun experience playing. heres the mod: Forestry mod extra bees thaumcraft 3 ugocraft railcraft artifice big reactors im just a kid sorry if this is late my computer burned because of my bugging tekkit i removed some of the mods and replaced them with these.the optifine mod,shaders mod and better than wolves mod crashed my computer so im wondering if i could get some help from experts in placing these mods
  6. ok i will try create a server for tekkit
  7. ok i will try playing at survival or maybe hardcore
  8. hmmm. I wonder whats the best difficulty to play tekkit in singleplayer,survival or creative?because all of those machinations needed to be operated theres just me.
  9. how can i download tekket in the technic launcher?
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