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  1. Here at Evolution Servers we try to provide the best gaming experience to you the players. Our game servers are hosted on top-notch hardware and is maintained daily. Our server is equipped with mods and plugins to keep game-play fresh and entertaining.. This server is not white-listed but don't worry, your items are guaranteed to stay safe. I hope after reading this you will give our growing community a chance! Hope to see you on(: Evolution Servers Modpack required! (Click the link above to be sent to the technicpack website) Our server and mod-pack are still under development. Th
  2. I somehow managed to stop it from crashing by replacing the mod files & configs. Still gives me the following error though. 10:45:40 [INFO] Attempted to place a tile entity ([email protected]) at -5808,71,-3204 (X201) where there was no entity tile! 10:45:40 [INFO] Chunk coordinates: -5808,-3216 10:45:40 [SEVERE] java.lang.Exception 10:45:40 [SEVERE] at zz.a(Chunk.java:1100) 10:45:40 [SEVERE] at yc.a(World.java:3312) 10:45:40 [SEVERE] at com.xcompwiz.mystcraft.block.BlockWritingDesk.g(BlockWritingDesk.java:230) 10:45:40 [SEVERE] at zz.a(Chunk.java:
  3. My server keeps crashing because of this Desk in mystcraft spawning in a village. Can anyone suggest a fix? Thanks. 2014-10-30 08:34:57 [INFO] Attempted to place a tile entity ([email protected]) at -5808,71,-3204 (X201) where there was no entity tile! 2014-10-30 08:34:57 [INFO] Chunk coordinates: -5808,-3216 2014-10-30 08:34:57 [SEVERE] java.lang.Exception 2014-10-30 08:34:57 [SEVERE] at zz.a(Chunk.java:1100) 2014-10-30 08:34:57 [SEVERE] at yc.a(World.java:3312) 2014-10-30 08:34:57 [SEVERE] at com.xcompwiz.mystcraft.block.BlockWritingDesk.g(Bloc
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