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  1. I could see it being something somewhat easy to implement, in the same way you add a new mod, you click a button to add a new version, which in turn asks you for the URL again, this would then save it as a separate entry. So when the launcher is opened it checks to see how many entries there are and lists them in numerical order.
  2. Many Thanks, I'll look into solder :<
  3. I've tried searching the forum for an answer to this but obviously if you search for update and modpack it's just going to get lots of posts that aren't related to what I'm trying to find out. So with this being said.... I have a custom Modpack under works at the moment and currently hidden, I and a friend that is working on it have created it, uploaded, all works and downloads fine through the launcher and no issues what so ever. So as far as that's concerned, all good \o/ However it's set to Version 1.0 at the moment, and running on version 1.4.7.. What is the process to add Mods to the release and still have older versions available ? i.e. like Tekkit Lite etc... I have made constant changes to 1.0 by re-uploading the same file. Deleting the existing one then re-upload, thus working on the first release before it goes public. But I would like to know how to update it once it's properly released to 1.1 in the future with a couple of extra mods etc... Eventually we will upgrade to 1.5.x but still want the older versions to be available to anyone that wishes to use them! (or for ourselves!)