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  1. i copy pasted in my command so it's impossible that i typed it wrong unless you did? checked my whitelist and Shoubydoo is in it. 2013-06-11 19:27:52 [iNFO] [Minecraft] There are 12 (out of 7 seen) whitelisted players: 2013-06-11 19:27:52 [iNFO] [Minecraft] mrroot, mrjiggyfly9, apefarm, xst3althk1llx, alfred, androedia97, codysuniverse, nightcrawler, shinru, shoubydoo, pepperytable and kinggangstadon anyway i have restarted the server maby something was wrong when i tried to add you live with the command. Owyea don't panic but the whitelist is case insensitive else i wouldn't be able to joi
  2. It is just regular voltz without any additions but it is version 1.0.13 which kan be selected in the options menu of technic launcher.
  3. ADDED: androedia97, xSt3AlthK1lLx, MrJiggyFly9, CodysUniverse
  4. 1.0.13 on mc 1.4.7 latest build i thought User Pepperytable connection failed: missing [LiquidMechanics, ICBM|Explosion], bad versions [basicComponents, Mekanism, ElectricExpansion, mmmPowersuits, ICBM, AtomicScience, MekanismGenerators, Railcraft, MekanismTools, AssemblyLine]
  5. Congratz you have been added . We are with 4 at this moment.
  6. Host/IP: mc.tigamers.com Port: Default Server Location: Europe/Netherlands Mods: All enabled Uptime: 24/7 (expected ) Survival: yes We played vanilla minecraft for a long time but wanted to do something new. Finally we found voltz but we have some extra room in our server so we are looking for some people. We are all aged between 18 – 22 and we share the love for technology thats why we are studying IT. Server Rules: 1. Have Fun 2. Fun griefing allowed 3. Don't exploit the game like abusing glitches, exploits,hacking 4. Use Common Sense If you are interested answer the fol
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