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  1. never mind got it fixed now
  2. apologies for any down time you experience. we are looking into the random server crash issue and hope to get it resolved -capsam
  3. you possessed amulets which are banned items and were spamming the water one according to one of my moderators
  4. the reason for the quiz is to ensure your knowledge of the rules. as long as you read all the rules you have nothing to worry about
  5. yes the 'N' word is definatly racist and in the UK is actually a criminal offence
  6. Well is that why I had 25/30 people on yesterday and we were nearly at full capacity? And is that also why if you check the rest of the comments on this thread people. say how brilliant the server is? Your the only one complaining and everyone else thinks it has great staff if you care to read the other comments and let's be honest no one found what he was saying to be funny and If that's your idea of being funny then you can go find another server. What he said was wrong and he was dealt with accordingly just like we would if it was anyone else.
  7. yes we had some down time while we sorted some issues be everything should be back to normal now
  8. I could not agree more :-) our server is open to all cultures and societies and what helltroopers friend was saying was disrespectful and down right rude if you ask me and we do not tolerate that so hence the ban. If he can't play by the rules (which isn't hard to do) then he can't play at all. Our staff know what is right and wrong and they acted accordingly.
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