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  1. My turtles cant place any blocks on my server, we use a few plugin like Towny but i have the fake players enabled. i tried to place blocks with turtles in single player but i just crash.
  2. Server should never be down, but it was because i was doing offline work on it, but when the server goes plugin it will be 99.99% up
  3. I have bought a hosted minecraft server and i need some staff. I'm looking for experienced people to help run this server. I need people to help (Full list Below) What We Need.(What we have/Max we need) Builders - 3/3 Law Enforcers - 2/2 Advertiser - 1/1 Permission Manager -10/1 Plugin Manager - 1/1 More Info On What Each Roll Will Do. Builders - Will be main builders of the server, will get the perks of using world edit in there builds (If you abuse it you will be demoted). Law Enforcers - Will be the servers main group that will keep the players of the server inline (If they bully of abuse players/power they will be demoted and possibly banned) will be Admins. Advertiser -Will take over the real forum post for the server and the Enjin Site. Plugin Manager -Will handle the servers plugins, And will also help with server Law Enforcement, will be the Head Admin of the server, Will get FTP Access, Control Panel Access Permissions Manager - Will handle the server permissions, will also get to use what ever permissions plugin they what, will get FTP Access, Control Panel Access and will be Co-Owner. Server Info Main Ip - MinecraftForever.PlayAt.CH Secondary Ip -
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