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  1. Server IP: Server rules: No griefing. Do not use missiles against other players. Keep swearing under a controlled situation. Be mature about things. Do not ask for staff. Mystcraft and Dimensional doors have been removed so people can't lag or crash the server. Sorry for that inconvenience. Banned Items: Red matter explosive and missile, antimatter explosive and missile, nuke explosive and missile. Plugins on the server: Groupmanager, Worldedit, BOSEconomy, Vault, LWC, WorldGuard, DynamicMap, NBTEdit, Marriage, CoreProtect, Chestshop, Essentials, MobCash, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, Craftbook, and ChatTweaks. This is the Continuation of the previous Land of the Dwarves server. Decided since people stopped playing on the server to make it Big Dig again. With 4 GB of RAM instead of 2 GB the world should not rollback as much and the server shouldn't crash as much. 24/7 unless issues are brought up. Anyone is welcome however if you are going to be a troll do not bother joining. No whitelist or greylist so hop on in and have fun. I want people to build amazing things like a kingdom, sky city, fully automatic farm, whatever you want to. If needed I will install a multiworld plugin so you can have some extra space to build something or get materials but not anytime soon.
  2. jroefk9 It moved on from Big Dig awhile since I didn't know how to do it but I now have an idea on how to, and if it does work it may return but with a new IP and more RAM than before so it may work better.
  3. Yes sorry babygirl200296 there is not enough RAM for the issue. At the end of the month(Goal being June 25th) I'll be switching hosts to one that is better hopefully. I don't know why the server constantly crashes but hopefully more RAM will help.
  4. Yes sorry about the crashing when you respawn and the ban for griefing jroefk9 but it has been mended now. I was not aware people were replying here otherwise I would've checked it more.