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  1. Hey people, Server is whitelisted until I fix the new website. If you want adding on server then send me a PM. Arallak, I have added you already.
  2. TechBeast Official Welcome to TechBeast, finally the official server has been born! TechBeast is a modpack which has been in development for several months, finally its come to the end and now we have made a place where everyone can enjoy playing together in a clean, safe and friendly environment. The server is fully tuned for performance. Information: Modpack Url: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/techbeast-152IP: play.fragcore.com:25566 TeamSpeak: play.fragcore.com Website: www.fragcore.com Full Modlist Server Type: Dedicated Server [16GB RAM] Firewalled. Net
  3. Hi

    we are running your TechBeast 1.5.2 build 0.9 mod pack on an Australian server and would like to thank you for putting together a super great pack.


    1. Dark-Skript


      Very sorry for the long reply, thanks for your kind words :)

    2. Dark-Skript


      Also have you tried 1.4 yet?

  4. Applications are currently temporarily closed while I make some important stability updates to the modpack. I will be opening them again asap, Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. You have the 32bit version of Java installed, What you need to do is remove java completely and install this version: http://www.java.net/download/jdk8/archive/b96/binaries/jre-8-ea-bin-b96-windows-x64-27_jun_2013.exe This will solve your issues, Cheers
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