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    It looks bad, i havent seen gameplay but from what theyre doing with the ads it seems they are trying to get people that want what they are talking about but flood everywhere with ads due to bad game engine, similair to what dwwojik said
  2. Looks great! I failed at the FTB maps and this may help me get used to challenges like that(as a couple things bother me in the FTB pack I used so its nice to see a new map) Can't wait for it to be finished!
  3. NOTE: i use windows, i''m not sure if mac has the same thing I had a similar (did i spell that right?) issue, for me i had to back my worlds, but delete all the files in the %appdata%\.technic directory and re-install the launcher(also delete shortcut and clear recycle bin to ensure it works) then reinstall the launcher, also make sure its the newest launcher, not the old one, if you're using the old launcher due to not updating it dosen't work. if re-install dosen't work check your hard drive space and allocate more memory in options or get a new memory stick or hard drive if nothing works, hopefully someone else helps you or you figure it out.
  4. -age:12 -timezone/country:Central US time, I live in USA -Voltz Knowledge:meh at best, i have moderate knowledge, some of the basics and what you can do, but i have a wiki open at all times -reason I want to join:I would like a Small-Medium private Voltz server, it would be fun with PvP and I also have never done multiplayer Voltz before, and being private it wouldn't be as grief prone as public servers. -grouping opinion:I LOVE grouping up with people, i normally hate going onto servers where we cant group up and i'm very hopeful that someone is willing to group up -PvP understanding:Yes I understand,I think its a good idea that way we cant just go off to go to sleep and then get back on to find everything in our base was destroyed or stolen Also one question: in the server will we be allowed to have wars where we can grief/steal/raid someones base, if they want to i mean where without them knowing we can attack but ONLY if war is declared? I really hope to get accepted, ive never played voltz multiplayer and only recently got voltz working. Also my name in game is the same as my forum name