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  1. IP: insaneminecraft.dyndns.org Owner: Grant12341 Banned Items: -Red Matter Bombs/Missiles -Armbot (Used For Duping) Hey Guys! This Server Is Insane And All About War! When You Spawn You Will Be In A Huge Building And From There You Are On Your Own Unless You Join Or Create A Faction. Go Build A Base, Make Power Armor, And Bomb Your Enemy's. We Have A Shop So You Can Buy Some Stuff. You Get Money Every 20 Minutes You Are On The Server. Here Are Some Pictures: Spawn v Inside Of Spawn v Parkour: (It Is A Lot Bigger) v Player Statues v Warp Board v
  2. Join this wonderful voltz 1.1.4 server (ip: insaneminecraft.dyndns.org) If you do join say "Mjamfan22 recommended me here" or "I found this server from the forums" What You Can Do: Raid Grief Make A Faction No Banned Items (Except Red Matter and Armbot) Make Friends
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