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  1. can we get back to the helping others part now?
  2. your welcome, this s excactly the reason i made this thread
  3. i know what you hid in your comment, and im not a poser, and this is MY fricking post, so if your gonna rag on me, then go somewhere else other than here, cause people accually need help, and i help ppl... so if you need help, come here... but if not plz go away
  4. uhh, what modpack is this in? cause if i knew the modpack, i could help you
  5. i cant help you if you dont tell me what mod, ive played alot of mods, so i cant specificly remember what mod your talking about
  6. ... what mod are you talking about
  7. final boss of technic? technic is the launcher, not a mod... im not sure what you mean
  8. well, first, there are multiple mods installed that add in ores, and secound, it depends, because all the picks have different stats
  9. pfft... you dont know me! and even if u do, i am a human being, i change
  10. If you are new to technic, or just need help with getting to know it better, post on this thread and I will teach you the best I can.
  11. makin' a new mod

  12. As the maker of Buildcraft... i can help you get used to minecraft... skype me and ill teach ya
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