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  1. Username: 2012End Age: 15 Why Tekkitopia? Seems like a nice server and legit rules. I'd like to build with my friends, and other servers are run by admin's that act like there five years old and are complete jerks. Your secret code: 8idk P.S. May we use alarms if far enough away from other life forms?
  2. MC Account: 2012End Age: 15 Mic: Yes I need a place for my friend and I to be alone and rec, set up our own factory, and be able to use security systems such as alarms! )(We'll move far away so we can use the alarms!) -Thanks! My Friend: MC Account: chanse036 Age: 13 Mic: Yes Same Reason! P.S. Last server the admin acted like he was 5 and was a real jerk! -Thanks!
  3. D3Matt, that video was created to help people! Just like the FOURMS! And how would he find out without hours of trying for himself? Humans were made to exchange information and HELP each other out! And who do you think made Google? Some un-social lazy 3 year old not knowing anything? NO! PEOPLE DID! Start being kind to others and help one another out or life's going to not be helping you!