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  1. Fozzie's Big Dig Survival Server 24/7 IP: Online 24/7 - except for maintnence. Open server, no whitelist or application needed to play. Logistics Pipes Mod removed due to crashing issues. All block damaging ICBM's and Bombs banned. About us We are a small group of friends running a Big Dig Survival server, where everyone is welcome to join and play as they like. We wish to expand our server into a small community of like minded players. Our server is mainly focused towards survival style play, however PvP is allowed in allocated areas, or when protecting your own land. Server Rules 1. Dont request items or op from admins. 2. No greifing, stealing or otherwise annoying people. 3. No spamming or advertising other servers. 4. No Abusive, racist or offensive language. 5. No hacks or cheating. Server plugins Lockette - Allows for easy chest, door and furnace locks by placing signs on them. Towny - Create your own protected towns and nations. Worldguard - Allows protection of areas of land, anti greif protection. Thanks for reading :D