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  1. The IP's still right, and I forwarded UDP as well, but my friends still can't connect.
  2. My Tekkit server says it's 1.5.2 in the console, but I had 1.5.1, so I went to the settings and got the 1.1.5, because apparently I had 1.0.6, and it updated me to 1.5.2 (but for some reason I still can't access my server from anywhere except my home.)
  3. Two of my friends tried, and I tried from a different location, but nobody can connect to my server. I've port forwarded port 25565 on TCP to my local IP ( and I've let 25565 through my PC Firewall, but it doesn't let me connect. My internet IP is Here's my server.properties: #Minecraft server properties #Fri Jun 14 10:42:52 CDT 2013 generator-settings= allow-nether=true level-name=Tekkit enable-query=false allow-flight=true server-port=25565 level-type=DEFAULT enable-rcon=false level-seed= server-ip= max-build-height=256 spawn-npcs=true white-
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