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  1. Hi, I have owned MC for about a year, and only got to mess with it shortly. so get some of the idea of it. But I just now getting to set down and play it, i have alot of time on my hands. My wife also will be playing some with me. SO as a fair to say noob to the whole MC and Tekkit stuff, which would be better to start with? Tekkit classic or the newest Tekkit? I am not in a rush to get to the moon, but wont mind getting there. but I know I want to use some add ons. and texture pack (Sphax PureBDcraft, and I got it to work on Tekkit, which is what I have been messing around in). i am just havi
  2. I figured it out, I think. I was trying to use it without a server and I made some changes to some files. and had to put in a new install. but as soon as I ran it on a server it stopped all together. so I am fine sorry.
  3. When I run Tekkit with bukkitforge it dumps folders on my desktop, it didnt do that last night. so what could be making it do it today.
  4. Also, the server has Bukkit on it and all I have to do is check which mods I want, so do I use that, or do I want to install them in the tekkit mod folder?
  5. Yes, I am renting a server of my own. and it already has tekkit classic on it. So do I need to download the bukkit thing or just the plugins I want?
  6. I just started play Minecraft and using tekkit. I have a server that is using tekkit classic. I heard that tekkit has or uses Bukkit, now do I need to add its plugins myself or are they auto put in?
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