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  1. Hello All, IP: IP (Coming Soon): play.voltzage.tk Recently Voltzage sparked and we wanted to make our server unlike most of the other voltz servers. Unlike most servers antimatter explosives and missiles are allowed. Factions is installed to increase the anxiety levels and rush of excitement. Banned Items: Armbots - Dupe RM Missile + Explosive - Dupe Encoder - Used To Dupe Track Relayer Cart - Dupe Manipulator - Dupe Dispenser - Dupe Rejuvination Missile - Really buggy Rejuvination Explosives - Really buggy
  2. I am trying to make patches for dupe glitches in tekkit using a bukkit plugin but the mods do not send the packets to the server to register the events for all events. I have tried using InventoryOpenEvent and InventoryClickEvent they work with normal vanilla blocks but none of the voltz modded blocks work.
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