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  1. were new on youtube and i started a tekkit series and these will probably be a weekly episode but i do upload alot more like team fortress 2, Left4Dead2, skyblock and I'm gonna start doing more soon but most of you just wanna see the video so here it is preview of what this video is about: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/41224506/Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 22.30.24.png
  2. me and my uncle decided to make a lets play of tekkit and we have already made 3 episodes and probably going to upload another one tonight but lately we have just been mining and gathering resources but we will be making machines and an awesome house but enjoy the episodes that are now and they will get better later but were both icelandic and speaking english so we dont sound perfect but every icelandic speaking english sounds horrible our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MegaGamingGamers
  3. what about a link or where this calendar is
  4. when will the next official update for tekkit or technic come out?
  5. when will the next update of tekkit come out?
  6. i was bored so i thought of making a list of challenges you could do in Tekkit and post below what should be added to the list make a quarry make a red matter furnace make a MK3 energy condenser flower make a tree/wheat/rubber tree farm make a MK3 relay make some geothernal generator make a infinite fuel generator make some nukes make a red matter shovel/pickaxe/axe make a nuclear reactor make seven macerators and power with geothermal generators make atleast 3 overclockers for each macerator make 3 or more recyclers and a mass fabricator make a MFSU make some traintracks that go somewere cool make a cool factory make a catalyst lens make a swiftwolfs rending gale make a alchemy bag make a philosophers stone make a talisman of repair make a mercurial eye make a void ring and have some fun teleporting around make a full quantum suit set
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