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  1. HAHAHA!!! Now I have enough manyullyn to arm a small military
  2. Finally, after about 30 minutes of uncovering my idiocy and making progress, I am fully set up for smelting. Last thing: know of any alloys that aren't listed in the book? The book said there were more than just what was listed
  3. Okay I have all the casts and enough bronze to last until the end of the world. I have a handguard, a tool rod, and a sword blade (all bronze). How do I put them together? Crafting table wont work
  4. I don't know what you mean. There is only one input slot on the stencil bench. What do I put in it and what will it do?
  5. I had to reinstall it. Now it works and I can make blank casts. Now how do I make certain casts and stencils?
  6. Actually, scratch that. I cant pour brass or gold either. What is going on?
  7. Ahhh I see my error. I needed to pour BRASS, not bronze, to make a blank cast. Thanks
  8. I am having trouble smelting. I can mix ores in the smelter just fine and I have been making a lot of bronze. But I can't seem to pour it onto a casting table. I put a faucet on the drain and a casting table below it, but nothing happens. Anything I should know about what I need to pour metal?
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