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  1. its 1 i made idk if its listed lemme check
  2. idk y but i never got n e help
  3. when i call they had no idea wat i was talking about i think they dont even KNOW about this site, they ask where i got this # and i told them this website promised me refund and listed that 4 their # and they got really mad and asked lots of questions so i just gave them the website and hung up... idk wat 2 do, i dont think i paid money but if i did its on my moms credit card i think... r u sure thats thr rigth number?
  4. u wont get n e help here they never help
  5. thx alot every1 my friend came then left and didnt get 2 see ur cool modpacks now he thinks technic is dumb soooooooo u just lost a customer
  6. idk y it keeps logging me out but DOES ANY1 NO HOW 2 FIX THIS PLZ????? i have a friend coming over in 1 hour to play n i told him it worked he wants 2 c the ogres and werewolves n other ones too plz??
  7. ya i get this problemtoo but the FIX is just 2 keep launching until it works sometime i have 2 launch 10 time before it works but just keep it overnovernover n it should work
  8. it owrks fine 4 the first 2 min but after that just gets reaaallllyyyyyyy laaasgggyyyyyyy :(
  9. plz does ne1 no how 2 make this work ...... its saturday the ONLY day i can use the computer......
  10. hi ihave this same problem but mayve ill make a new post on it but i wanted to know if you ever fixed it?????
  11. i had this same problem soi needed to use my brothers account idk why????
  12. Launcher Version: techniclauncher Operating System: windows 7 Java Version: java 7 i think Antivirus Program: norton Description of Problem: i have a modpack but when i load it i dont see ANY of the mocreatures from zorks or whoevers mocreatures pack IT SAYS it has them but i go around for an hour and never see them anywhere how do i makeit work?? Error Messages: no error messages its just NOT WORKGIN Error Log: i cant find this folder anywhere i dida search and cant find it