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  1. Hm, weird. Wait a moment, I will tell Ace, maybe he can get you moved back to the spawn or something. You have waypointed your area, right?
  2. Doomzzday01, the server is up! Bored though, need something to do, been roaming around trying to find us a place to build, but I've been unsuccessful, as of yet.
  3. I imagine he was wearing power armour. You mainly need wires and iron, if I remember correctly, and possibly some electrum ingots. Here is the recipe for the tinker table, which you use to upgrade your power armor. You can obviously use NEI to get the recipes for each of the items. Good luck, and happy hunting! Dan
  4. Perhaps, but with that comes a cost, and currently I am at no position to make any donations. It would all depend what the owner prefers, and what he is paying (if at all) his current host.
  5. Yeah, just found that out Well, in this time of waiting, the anticipation has built up, hopefully I will not be too disappointed.
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