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  1. Also, how do I get the tool-tip at the top of the screen telling me what block I am looking at back?
  2. Does anyone know anything about these plants? Hello?
  3. There are several glowy plant like looking things that as soon as my reticule gets on them they disappear. I learned one of them in the overworld is called "glowcaps" but they're also in the twilight forest.
  4. It's pretty useful for mining in the nether, especially glowstone.
  5. Made sure magnet icon was unchecked, still having same problem. Oh derp, it's because of magnetization on armor. Nevermind, problem solved.
  6. Whenever I try to drop an item in-game using q, the gravity around my character is so strong that my character can't get away from the item. There's probably some silly solution that I'm not thinking of to stop from instantly grabbing items once I throw them, but if anyone could help me out that would be appreciated.