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  1. On Update On Earlier, I'd say Since we restarted KillBros Is now the Biggest and successful faction :D
  2. Yeah, I've Fixed up the Last Of The Crashes, CRASHES NO MORE! and Also Done the automatic resart to reduce lag :)
  3. Thanks For all The Positive Replys, Personally I can't Wait for Faction Wars to develop, "SheepShaggers" "LostSouls" and "EnderTroll" Factions Are Defiently the most successful factions so far, I finished The blackmarket, so you can buy Creeper/AlienCreeper Eggs For Blowing your way into bases :3
  4. Burn and Suffer, with some Bunnies

  5. New Staff Members I would Like to welcome aboard: John_A_Stone TSKnome Liebi94
  6. We have removed NEI and DIM Doors, this is because of a few bugs and lagging issues, we have also updated our permissions to fit our community better!
  7. This Latest Mod-pack is now being put into use in our community, It is a raid grief server that allows you to blow your way forcibly into peoples bases however with no banned items electric staffs make a good escape root, The PvP is very varied and The Staff members can Embarrassingly be beaten early on if you loot enough dungeons and get geared up, a distinct advantage in PvP is the Donator Ranks, these allow players to teleport friends to them, as well as /heal the classic getaway in some raids on our server: /top and also a maximum of 12 Set homes Prices starting at just £5: http://redscience.enjin.com/shop Staff: Ross (RoscoFerguson) - Owner Ross (Troll_Caliber) - Owner Kieran (Dkpain) - Owner John (John_A_Stone) - Admin Liebi (Liebi94) - Admin Jessica (TSKnome) - Admin Looking for staff apply at - http://www.redscience.enjin.com Plugins: Factions Essentials Worldedit/Worldguard Vault Enjin Shop Plugin Pexmissionsex Chat Manager Modify World Removed mods: Dimensional Doors, NEI Reason: causes crashes, NEI Isn't completely removed just Creative+ and The Clear Inventory Buttons Rules: Don't winge If you get killed Do not complain about admins of Being unfair just because they are staff Do Grief Do Raid Do kill Don't Be Abusive to people Don't Advertise/Spam That's all! IP/hostname: Redscience.playat.ch Youtube Channel: (Coming Soon) Website: http://www.redscience.enjin.com
  8. This Server Has now Been Updated to Hexxit 1.0.1 redscience.playat.ch
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