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  1. Thats the essence keeper... The essence vessel is the bigger version thats able to hold more souls/blood
  2. Alright then... I was assuming it was a rare drop or something so i'll start dungeon crawling. Thanks for the response!
  3. Ok that makes sense because I caught glimpse of a grim reaper like mob named Harbinger... He has 160 health and was wondering in a jungle for some reason... I didnt attempt to battle it because of my lack of anything because I just tried to solo a battle tower.
  4. Well first off I just want to say great job with the mod pack so far... Me and about 6-7 other friends immediately started hosting a server when Hexxit came out (We jumped from galacticraft to this one - PLEASE GIVE US MORE PLANETS) Despite the random occurrences that completely and utterly demolish my enthusiasm for this mod... (Space kittens just completely demolished our palace) I still love it so far and want to keep working at it. Having said that my main enjoyment from this mod compilation is the Harken Scythe Mod... I have managed to grasp the concept of it, I currently have an altar of blood, altar of souls, the appropriate soul and blood vessels, and the crucibles for both. But the two items that are eluding me up to this point are the Necronomicon and upgraded Essence Keeper. ( Essence Vessel? ) The Necronomicon has a recipe but i'm confused as to whether the actual pages required to make it are rare drops or craftable. Also the Essence Vessel has no recipe and I have searched the internet AND webpages for multiple versions of this mod and cant find anything for either one of these items. Any help or clarity into this matter would be appreciated... And if anyone needs help with the soul and blood stuff of this mod I would be glad to help!