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  1. Server uptime has been fantastic check it out, the solid state drives make a great difference.
  2. Chocobo race track has more expansions and Capsule Corp is almost complete!
  3. Server updated to 1.0.4 ! Chocobo race track is SO MUCH FUN you need to see it! Screenshots coming soon!
  4. Server moved to SSD hosting (goodbye lag!) and the entire world and all factions have been completely reset! Get in and claim your territory now, contact ops if you are interested in protecting your private property even more than factions already provides.
  5. Thanks to our member peanutbutter13 for finding an issue with HarkenScythe causing crashes. Our server continuously gets better as people report broken plugins and we disable them until fixes are made by the mods.
  6. Yes we need one, Hexxit has many bugs.
  7. Magic Boomerang is causing a crash issue and the specific item has been disabled.
  8. Thanks to all the crash bug reports from our players the server has been able to run straight 48 hours without incident! Keep those reports coming and we will make sure to forward them to the developers of the modules for repair.
  9. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FROM THE EPICEMU.COM TEAM! Side effects include raging and madbro when killed in PvP. This is a very true statement about the server :D
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