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  1. Sorry, I forget to add that just before each time I crashed Tekkit would start burning through my CPU up to 95% before closing. Kinda important to note, I suppose.
  2. Title: Tekkit crashes when I join servers. (1.1.7) Version: 1_0_3 OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Java Version: Newest version, I couldn't get the version number. Description of Problem: When I joined a server my client started acting funny. I was falling through blocks and into the void. When I rejoined I was back at spawn. I then crashed, and no error messages came up. Error Messages: Error Log:
  3. In-game name: lolo485 Age: 16 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: Since Alpha, when all the good mods started being made. Reason I want to join: I wanted a maintained server with the least banned items, and PvP. I couldn't get both, sadly. Very annoying.
  4. username: lolo485 I will not grief in homeworld: Sure, why not. I will be polite & not swear in general chat: I'll do my best. I will respect staff & listen to directions: Well sure, that's what they're here for. I will report and not abuse any bugs: I don't like broken gameplay, so reporting is what comes to mind. I will know and follow the rules: I do. I have _____ Tekkit experience: Some previous experience. I'm more in tune with classic tekkit but I'm getting into the newer version.
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