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  1. I just want atomic science soooo bad.
  2. He said he'd make it compatible when kakermix asks him personally.
  3. Add GregTech to tekkit: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7156&pageNo=1
  4. UE does have a energy converter called UE transformers that converts between UE, EU, RP, and BC energies.
  5. In-Game Currency Linked to Account This Method is what you currently have so I assume you know everything about it. Markets using signs and chest. Easy to use and manage but not dynamic. Becomes stale after a while because certain items will be horded while others aren't even touched.
  6. In-game Currency In-game currency represent by items such as Industrial Credits allow dynamic control of the economy by users but power is largely taken out of the owners hands. Inflation will always be present as long as people create currency which in terms of Industrial Credits is with iron.One Iron equals 32 Industrial Credits. You might want to remove the ability to change Industrial Credits back into Iron. Individual users can increase inflation but also determine economic growth. If people act based upon money the economy will thrive otherwise it will disappear. This type of Economy wi
  7. Hello Nentify, I am here with my economy suggestions. There three basic tiers of Tekkit Economies. One based off of bartering. One based off of in game currency represented by items. One based off of in game currency represented how it is now i.e. linked to your account. Bartering Bartering is sloppy and doesn't need to be set up. It will probably always be present along with one of the other two.
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