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  1. Hey Video sorry for the late reply buddy I will whitelist you now Welcome to Claytonia!
  2. hey sorry for the late reply i shall whitelist you now, feel free to join us at any time! Welcome to Claytonia!
  3. are you suing the right launcher and have it all updated? Also try resetting your internet connection because sometimes when it comes up with cant reach server, sometimes it is something on our end but sometimes it is something on yours... I will reboot the server now and see if that fixes it
  4. Hey guys we have had plenty of plenty apply from the UK and the States and now we are trying to direct our attention to the Southern Hemisphere audiences... Hopefully we get some interest from these particular people
  5. Hey guys I am sorry for any late reply. But i will whitelist all three of you now, you are free to join at anytime, Enjoy Claytonia! Feel free to check out the forums at http://claytonia.net and meet the community Hope to see you on there!
  6. So glad that there is interest in this server, anyone else is free to join if they are interested
  7. Got a few cool guys playing at the moment if anyone wanted to join us feel free to fill out an app :)
  8. Alright just to cause an inconvenience haha the boss man is in the process of updating it all to 1.5.2 so i shall keep you posted on what happens with that
  9. Alright try this, when you open the launcher, where it has the tekkit space logo, right under it theres a gear for the options? Go into tha and you SHOULD be able to select an older build... Is this possible? EDIT: Click the select build manually box and click reset pack, once you login it should download the right pack, use 1.1.8 which is what mines on
  10. Im having a look for you now, I saw somewhere the other day how to downgrade it, I am also pushing to get it updated because of all the new stuff in it
  11. I dont think were updated yet, you might be able to get an older version... Ill chase up an update for you mate
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