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  1. Piszk0s , filiusadam you guys are also in whitelist . If you cant join server, you will be able to join soon.
  2. ozoomaroo , Cielo420 , Hammbone143 and I don't know your nickname but I'll add sora10101 instead.I hope you will answer this if its not your name, welcome to the Eterniacraft .
  3. Jacktron and killerpagin , you guys are in whitelist, welcome to the server .
  4. lyon934 , guacamolewindow , neonsoul , zelda4040404 you guys are in whitelist, have fun .
  5. You are in whitelist, laneman202 and farmertravis. You may not enter server until next restart which may take 6 hours.But if you can get in then no problem.Welcome .
  6. skarma77 , you are in white list welcome. hipposrule222 , you are in white list welcome. BromeTeks , you are in white list welcome. Gigalasti , you are in white list welcome. FlamingSock , you are in white list welcome. To sum up all of the new applications are in the whitelist. Welcome all ^~^
  7. Panch

    hey sct can you please make my thread public after checking that? ty. :/ http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-eterniacraft-pvp-pve-20-slots-24-7-whitelist-freeplay-everything-allowed-survival.48195/

  8. Hello Tekkit Fans! We decided to create a FREEPLAY Tekkit server.Everything will be allowed in this server but except a few social harming things.Please read this text to get informed about this server ^~^. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES: *Don't grief someone's base when the player is offline or out of base. *Server will be totally freeplay so if you die, you die.Don't cry. *No spamming. *Stealing things from player's chests is not allowed. *Using any kind of hacking program is not allowed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything else is free to enjoy.Just if you break one of these rules,you will be banned without a warning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERVER INFO: Server Name:EterniaCraft Game Mode:Survival Difficulty:Normal Mob/Animal Spawns:True PvP:Allowed Nether:Allowed Harmful and all kind of items:Allowed SpawnAreaProtection:5x5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server IP : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Application Form | | Your Game NickName= | | Age= | | Reason why do you want to join this server?= | | Experinced in tekkit?Yes or No= | | Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= |
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