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  1. when is the casino going to be ready? i see the building is built nothing in it tho.
  2. been i little while since ive been on but i got some cool new buildings ready for ya , paste them to or around spawn i hear a few players are building a casino i was gonna do that not sure tho, maybe i can get in on this build?
  3. i love the modular force field system, and atomic science mods that were added to this tekkit, i got to go do some research now on how to use these mods , you guys just keep making this server better, thanks for giving me and my friends a fun, cool server to play on thats never down and almost always lag free , thx again for reading
  4. hey i'm back lets see what to build, thinking of joining that mid-evil building contest
  5. yeah i see everyone ranking up, i see a few hard ranks to get as well .
  6. oh man great, server has no lag omg, and ranks coming 2nite , nice