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  1. Hey guy. I can't upgrade my minecraft.jar to 1.5.2 because the server i'm playing on will stay at 1.5.1 unitl an upgrade of a new frontier. Is there any chance to get a shader mod working with minecraft 1.5.1? I've tried all day but neither the older or newer opti fine versions will work with 1.5.1. And i couldn't manage to run a shader mod with the 1.5.1er opti fine version yet
  2. Hm, I'm using technik launcher build 253, which is the latest stable you can download. I've got the New Frontier pack from the launcher which includes Balkons weapon mod 1.11.2 as you can see here Where you get the 1.0.6 or 1.1.5 from? *edit* Ok, I checked the balkons weapon mod thread in a other forum and I've noticed this change from 1.11.1 to 1.11.2 (i was running the 11.1er version): [[[Version 1.11.2]]] - Fixed weapons not consuming ammo when fired. So this brings me to another question, related to this one: Since I'm new to the technik launcher, the wiki says the New Frontier pack comes with Balkans Weapons 1.11.2, but in my tekkitmain mods folder is still the version 1.11.1. Does the launcher not update the mods automatically? Or is there any option i can just click to let the launcher get all updates without taking care of it by myself?
  3. Any solutions for this? I'm facing the same bug. I'm running the technik launcher, adviced to use only stable launcher builds, Balkon's Weapon Mod is on version 1.11.1 for MC 1.5.1. First time i recognized it was in single player when i was building in creative mod. I switched back to Survival but still - the Muskets still don't use ammo. So i copied it to my server and even removed me from the ops list - so pure survival without any chance of even getting into creative. And the guns still won't use ammo. They recognize if i have no ammo on my, i can't shoot in this case, but with one bullet in my pocket, i can give infinite shots. Has anyone an idea how i can fix this or is there a fix on the way? regards gring0
  4. Got a soloution: I've tried another version. The 79er Universal Electricity and the 68er ICBM build works fine with A New Frontier :)
  5. Dosn't work at all I've downloaded: for universal electricity api (latest for 1.5.1): BasicComponents_v1.3.2.79.jar BCDev_1.3.2.79.jar for icbm (latest for 1.5.1): ICBM_Contraption.jar ICBM_Explosion.jar Placed all of them in mods/ in the tekkitmain folder. If i place BasicComponents_v1.3.2.79 and BCDev_1.3.2.79 together i get an error saying multiple mods. If i run with only one of them, the launcher starts properly, but the voltz mods are not loaded. The Basic components seem to load fine, can see the ore and the generator, but the icbm mod isn't loading. In the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log, i only get two messages per icbm mod that could hint for a error: FML has found a non-mod file ICBM_Explosion_v1.1.2.72.jar in your mods directory. It will now be injected into your classpath. This could severe stability issues, it should be removed if possible. and [ForgeModLoader] The mod container ICBM_Explosion_v1.1.2.72.jar appears to be missing an file Any ideas?
  6. Hi, i'm currently running Tekkit - a new frontier on my pc and my server and its a great collection of mods But today, i noticed the Voltz ICBM mod on youtube, for example I saw a battleship war with Rockets (my next projectwill be DEFINITIVLEY a submarine ). So i've downloaded the build 72 jars for Voltz ICBM (latest for minecraft 1.5.1, my tekkit launcher is running with). But it seems the Mod is not loaded. I even noticed a Voltz mod pack in the tekkit launcher, but i'm only interested in adding the ICBMs to the standard tekkit and continue my current map with it. If i copy the icbm.jar of the voltz mod folder to the mods folder of tekkitmain, the launcher won't start the game at all (without that i've noticed any errors). Any way i could manage it to add the ICBM mod to my tekkit pack? thanks gring0