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  1. I feel like I should put this as a different thread. THIS IS THE FIX FOR ALL PLUS MODPACKS! There are problems shipped with Plus modpacks. Fix them here. Plus+ can't start up, crashes while trying. Move Plus+ to a different folder, C:/plus-pack is recommended. Then, click the cog under the pack icon in the launcher and change the location to wherever you set it. Restart the launcher. Launch Plus+. If this fails, restart again until it works. This is all because there are mods that detect if the Technic pack is being used and will terminate automatically, like Forestry. Plus+ and Plus Sigma have horrible lag even on the main menu. FPS does not go over 2.(To affect Plus Multi in the future) Sorry, but you can't run these packs. If you have an integrated chipset/CPU (most laptops), then your graphical ability just can't meet the high resource demands of Plus+ and Sigma. In the future, more mobs will be added to Plus Multi, which means that you probably won't be able to run it either. But there is one way! Try reinstalling your graphics driver or finding a different version. This could be the reason your Minecraft is laggy, although a solution is not guaranteed.
  2. Where would this IRC be? The IRC on the website I can't get to work
  3. Just an update: Rutibex, the maker of Plus+ and contributor to the Plus+ project, is not responding to any tweets. None of the devs of Plus+ seem to be able to help since all their communication methods are either unkempt or nonexistent. Just popped an issue on the Plus+ Pack github.
  4. Plus+ crashed again with the same error. RedPower again. Really gonna need a fix!
  5. In other news, I just reset and redownloaded Plus+, started it up, and it seems to have worked so far. (FML just ended its validation. I didn't get this far last time.)
  6. Dumped any Millenaire files I could find into a folder. I was hoping I wouldn't get a FML error and I didn't . The bad thing is that it's still laggy as hell. The main menu is still laggy with no reason why. The lag is making world-loading impossible. Also, the client is frequently freezing even without anything being done. I would also like to add that other applications function perfectly when Minecraft has that 4 GB of RAM allocated. When world-loading is possible, RAM usage is only around 15% and CPU usage is about 50%, meaning that somehow, PlusSigma was causing the resource allocation to be screwed up, the optimization was horrible, or there was a memory leak. I would really like to play Plus Sigma, so I really want a fix for this.
  7. That's why I turned off raiding. Oh also, would this help define the problem: The main menu lags as well, just as bad as when in-game. The pause menu does not lag but all other menus lag.
  8. It seems that the only value in the config that is labeled lag-inducing is village radius. I set that to something around a more normal number(50) but there is still unbearable lag. And I do want to have Millenaire since it's one of the main npc mods. Also, are you sure FML doesn't have a file requiring all mods be present? I thought there was one like that.
  9. expect answer for next post in about 25 min
  10. Did I say Plus Multi somewhere? I have no problems with Multi, just the other two XD
  11. nope, nothing in the config folder named that. I even did a search in the plussigma folder for it. Nothing.
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