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  1. That's no surprise really. Would have figured its not about Hexxit itself or the stuff it adds since it tends to pull less RAM than tekkit, which I play just fine and the fact that the lag persisted even when just running the client and not the world gen or anything else. Hope they can get to the bottom of this soon (and hopefully patch this? This seems pretty ridiculous and unique to hexxit) or I'm just gonna stick to the conclusion Hexxit is not meant to be for me.
  2. Nothing. If anything this creates a level of more persistent lag before the big freeze sets in. I have to ask, is this probably about openGL? My current video card hasn't proven to be super compatible with the most modern openGL versions, but it works flawlessly on minecraft for some reason or another, even can do the farthest render distance and all that with no issues. Weird. Any other ideas?
  3. Okay, so I've been playing primarily tekkit from my technic launcher and my friends were all excited for the release of hexxit, and to be honest, it looks promising. So I go install all the files and etc, long on friends server, and suddenly I'm freezing uncontrollably every 2 minutes or less. I say screw hexxit for a bit after all attempts at debugging or finding the source of the problem fail. Hexxit gets patched, we go back through this who shindig again after the patch 1.01 says some stuff about freezes... aaaaaand its just the same as before. Now here's where it gets interesting: I attempt to host server since my friend had the same errors when playing SP, but when he's server host on his server it's all fine and dandy, so we figure since he's been good from freezes post patch maybe me hosting will fix things magically for myself too. The .bat for the server is unable to find java, I get lazy, half-arse it and host directly using the .jar, which turns out (nonsurprisingly) to just host normal minecraft with Hexxit client features. What's funny? Still freezes my game every 2 minutes. Even started an SP world for comparison and paused the game via escape menu and browsed memes for a bit while the world was loading. Came back, it had frozen even though it was paused. Not sure how exactly to describe the "Freezing". It's not actually freezing or needing the program to be task manager'd or anything, but it's just shifting gears into about a frame every 10-20 seconds but keeps chat messages real time somehow. Weird. Figure it might be plowing insane amounts of memory, thing's hardly even using 80% of its allowed memory, LESS than tekkit on "freezing" vs "standard tekkit gameplay". So, I'm wondering what's going on. Can't allow technic anymore RAM and these freezes would, above all else, seem to indicate that the hexxit client itself is the cause of the crashes and not something about RAM or actual Hexxit specific gameplay. Funny logging onto the hexxit forums and seeing countless threads about freezes, crashes, evil meteor Armageddon, and bizarre glitches, but I'm here to ask if anyone has experienced anything similar or has the slightest franking clue what's going on here. TL;DR: Hexxit shifting into a mode where it gets a single measly frame every 10-20 seconds. Memory is well within "fine" range. Playing with just the client invokes this, even if the game has done literally nothing except load the world in pause mode. What the heck?
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