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  1. Age: 36 IGN: Otaku108 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? Looking for a stable and safe environment to learn the various facets of tekkit with my friends as well as to contribute to a decent community. What Do you want to Build? My/our own version of the Emerald City. I don't want to write out a huge paragraph so I'll try to keep it short. My friends, whom I'm sure will post their own aps soon, cptpoor, ems_fire and I are all just looking for a home to learn the massive modpack that is tekkit as well as eventually build a beautiful green city. Our first attempt was on an open server wh
  2. 1: Otaku108 2: 36 3: Texas, USA 4: Desert & Jungle biomes, sand, love to work with glass. 5: Generally a friendly talkative player I like to help where I can and do my own thing off away from large groups until I get a feel for the server.
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