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  1. I didnt provide this the URL since you can search "13 Cups of Coffee" however here you go and was trying not to advertise and just ask the question sorry bout that - What do you mean by log date for the systems. Not understanding what your asking for. A list of things not extracting in the modpack?
  2. Hello and thank you for taking time to read this post, this is something that has been eating at my tech skills for a minute. I've built and designed many custom modpacks in the past for launchers and recently I put together one called 13 Cups of Coffee. Everything was doing fine i'd replace and update it in the dropbox and i'd update my players client side. However recently in the last few weeks all of the windows users even with fresh installs and correct java (so you can rule out common issues) using the technic Launcher look up my modpack and install it, what happens is that it'll continuely inform them that it needs to update the modpack and the crazy thing is it downloads the latest version and doesn't unpack all the files in it. I've gone in and checked the caches zip file it downloads and its the correct one however, it doesn't extract all the files from it.Another wierd aspect it'll remeber which files were removed but new ones added and updated are not unpacked. Same thing happens in the config section. The 2 Mac users I have wierdly enough can download and update this modpack without any issues so I know its not dropbox giving issues. I'd like to get back to just updating my dropbox and moving forward please help. Oh, I've even tried building a new modpack link and linking it to it and still the same thing. Is there a file that maybe is in the modpack that might be filtering absent mindedly? Next thing I'm trying is rebuilding the modpack from scratch and seeing if that fixes it. Thanks for you time
  3. Welcome to Ender Crusdes Server/Modpack Hosted by Enderverse Youtube Supported by Coffee_nutz Modpack created by Coffee_Nutz Owner: TheMalkav Co-Owner: Burntime69 Admins Jypax, Donuteateranator, Klovis_Cole, & Coffee_Nutz Server is whitelisted and you can head to Enderworld.Enjin.Com to apply. The server is a RPG-PvE with economy in mind & warfare zones outside the cities. The ventrilo server is a great place to meet up and talk with other players and get to know whats going on The modpack is a High Mixture of exploration and hostile mobs with very little weaponry scaling. The reason is so the players cannot be rambos and must think outside the box and use potions, armies, and magic to secure victory and less hands on muscle. Current mod pack holds everything from the Ender Crusades Modpack . Side note... when you download the modpack the server info is already plugged in. You can also head over to the website. Slots are limited for server stability. THIS SERVER IS UNDER CONSTANT HEAVY CONSTRUCTION.. DESIGNING CITIES AND WORLDS. [Always WIP] However the mod pack is finalized. Suggested Resource packs to use on the server is John Smith. MOD LIST Antique Atlas Anchient Warfare Runic Dust Better Dungeons Bibliocraft(plus woods addons) Camping Mod Chisel Dimensional Doors Dungeons Mobs Equal Excahnge 3 Farlanders GrowthCraft(Apples/bamboo/bees/cellar/core/fishtrap/hops/rice) Hardcore Ender Expansion Magical Corps Mo' Chickens Mystcraft Mega Plant Pack Natura Pet Bat Twilight Forest Thaumcraft 4.1 Thaumic Tinker Thaumic KAMI Thaumic History Thaumic Exploration Thaumcraft Mob Aspects Witchery Server Admin Support Mods Westroblocks(Creative-Only Blocks) Custom NPCs(Creative-Only NPC Editor) NBT In-Game Editor(OP-only) World Generation Mods Ruins Highlands ExtrabiomesXL Biomes-o-Plenty Client Side Better PvP Inventory Tweaks Waila Zans Minimap NEI (and add-ons)
  4. Yes and it is listed... at my website. Which they have to go to in order to sign-up for being white-listed. It's on the front page of my website.Other then the rules stating this please(all ignorance a side, I'm merely curious) why I must place a I.P. addy here. Considering the fact it does them no good until they go to my site to register to be on my server? The main reason I didn't release a lot of info has to do with the crowd I want to draw attention to. If anyone follows they are truely curios as to my server. And tend to be of higher graded personalities... If I really "have to" I'll post my IP addy here... Also as of right now i'm only allowing 3 more player and then I'll close the post and doors again. And I do believe the term "guideline" doesn't mean "rules".
  5. Care to Join us on a B-Team server then hop on over to and apply to be whitelisted and get the server info. Also check out Coffee_nutz Grinder Modpack and vote all with us... Yet again that webaddress is It's a small community that works to get along, white listed, economy based, team based, fun based. We have a Ventrilo server that everyone hangs out. And yes I could make this post bigger but the goal is to find a few people more people to join us. Limited sitting of 20 more players allowed before we close the app doors. You get access to the Main Server "Coffee_Nutz Grinder" and the "B-Team Server" and any other server we bring up and down all for just building with us and joining. So lets see who wants to join us. Why did we open the doors.... Well life stepped in the way and normally we run at 30-40 peoples but recently dropped to 10 and it's getting lonely. Coffee_nutz out
  6. ALRIGHTY FOLKS... the server is coming down... REASONS the admins and owner want to go a new direction. Reason 1-He learned how to edit mods and is coding his very own mod. Reason 2-Closer nit community with everyone who is already whitelisted Reason 3-1.6.2 Upgraded Reason 4-Created his own mod pack as well IF you care to join us then go to and follow the post on the main page Now the server is still whitelisted and towny running for now until we figure out how to do a mod version of towny. Either way Technic is wonderful and all just going to build our own mod and world. Look for the mod pack EnderworldCraft in the future
  7. either here or on the you'll get added. The website is just so you know were we give out updates. Leave you ING info and a little bit and you'll get added or go to the website and contact themalkav/princeoatmeal either way works.
  8. interested in hexxit server, could you msg me with some info?

  9. Max are you able to get ventrilo as well? if so just connect to ventrilo at - ip 3832 - port pirate13 - password once i get dropbox running right i'll use it but for now we use sykpe to transfer the files and quickly
  10. Also to take on to what I was saying... if someone runs across this post and wants to help us build a huge epic magic enthralled city for the 1.6.2 and is willing to learn how to install mods themselves then hit me up asking about helping design the new world. Could use a lot of builders for it. You'll need ventrilo and skype to talk and get files faster its what we are using.
  11. updated and added the ip is in the main listing now... - Main Hexxit Server - 1.6.2 Enderworld Mod Pack (WIP) if you understand forge loader you can join its public and the mods change until we decide on a set we want to stick with... We plan to do something more adventure mode'ish when we finish.
  12. It's fine i've been so busy helping design the Endercraft modpack... It's 1.6.2 ready and if technic updates we will already be ready for it. We put together a unique set of mods
  13. Kinda the idea. But trying to stream line it like voltz. Sorry for the server being down. Dim doors was crashing things. So all dim worlds had to be removed and reseted to fix the server. I'll place out the mod list that will be on the new server once its finished. The goal is economy/adventure with the enderworld twist. reply @ Micke- it that your Minecraft game name? reply @ Jacob- you've been added