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  1. Is the fur server still up?

  2. Greetings and salumuhtations, Hexxit community! I'm here for one reason and one reason only: to start a server. At the moment, there are plenty of other servers out there, but I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of small, community-based PVE servers, and that's where I'm going to step in. Ever since Minecraft came out a couple of years ago, I've always played it either on single-player or with one or two friends - and while it's a great experience alone or with one other person, sometimes I find that Minecraft ends up feeling too alone, so that's all going to stop now. With the release of Hexxit, I've found myself inspired more than ever before to open up to the community, even if it's a very small part of it. This server will be PVE, and you'll have to have Hamachi in order to join. Aside from that requisite, there's really not much else you need to do other than understand and uphold to the rules, which are: 1. Be as friendly as possible. 2. Literacy is nice, though not required. We don't exactly want you here if you're barely capable of typing, however. 3. No drama, raiding, griefing, stealing, et cetera... 4. Respect other players; if you have qualms, keep it outside of where everyone else can see it. 5. Sex and sex-related jokes are NOT acceptable topics of conversation. You might have also noticed the thread title, and I'll go ahead and clarify and questions regarding that: I myself am a furry - interpret that however you will, but I know where I stand on the matter. I'd very much like it if fellow-furs would join me on this server, though whether or not you're a fur is ultimately not required. It should also be mentioned that since I'm running this from home, the server will not be 24/7. If you want more details as to up-times, I'm from Eastern Coast US, and I'm generally awake and playing betwixt noon and 10 pm. All details aside, I'll post an application below for you to fill out, wherein you'll have to provide your in-game name as well as the reason you wish to join; the more detailed, the better. Understand that due to the fact that I'm running this from home, I have very limited network space, so I'll have to be selective with whom I choose; if you're not selected, don't take it personally. If you're accepted, I'll add you to the whitelist and PM you the network details. Good luck. (* represents required information) IGN*: Reason for wanting to join*: If a furry, what's your fursona?: Do you fully understand and agree to the rules?*: Tell me a little bit about yourself:
  3. IGN: Gargoreis Why: I enjoy small and friendly servers, and I'm looking for somewhere decent to play so I don't have to stick to singleplayer all the time. ^^
  4. IGN: Gargoreis Age: 21 Why would you like to join our community? My girlfriend is playing here, and I'd like to build, explore, and meet new acquaintances :3 Have you read, and agree to all of our rules? Positively ^^ Do you know how to install the Hexxit Mod Pack? Yes; I already have it.