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  1. Go to feed-the-beast.com, and install the FTB Launcher. Then launch the FTB Unleashed pack. That should work hopefully
  2. Scared me there for a second there when you said we were turning into a Voltz server :P
  3. Minor changes in the updates, but all of your complicated systems involving Auto-Workbenches should be easily fixed by replacing them with a Cyclic Assembler (2 Mj/t ; requires a Schematic), or some other autocrafting things you may be using.
  4. He is a stealthy lking, lying in wait for his next victim. Or maybe he's just busy somewhere.
  5. When you select Tekkit Main, click the little gear icon on the top right, then select the Latest Version. I think that's what your problem is.
  6. I never had a fondness for FPS games to be honest, always liked RTS or strategical games I have no idea why.
  7. I am inside your mind... You may be a brave warrior in the physical realm, but here... you are powerless...
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