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  1. Neither do I it's what I'm trying to figure out but no idea if hes on or not.
  2. Wouldn't be that hard you could pick your own IP every time you set it up and it would only take a few moments if you had a good computor it would run fairly fast though theres a max of people you can run without major lag.
  3. At that point I'd just use the LAN online setting.
  4. Isn't Hamachi normally used for two players?
  5. Oh yeah are you using a LAN or an actually server? If your using LAN you need to set it to an Online server in the multiplayer options.
  6. It's possible but I don't believe so if I got the IP right I was able to get on for around 20 minutes or so. BTW whats your username?
  7. I believe that I just wasn't whitelisted yet I was able to get in after awhile. Edit: Never mind it just glitched me out. Now I can't get back in again. :(
  8. Well if it's up right now I can't connect it says. "Can't Reach Server"
  9. Question. Is there anyway to tell when the server is gonna be up or not? or is it just gonna be random?
  10. Name: findelm Why: I've been looking for a good PvE server for a while and haven't found any. And normally its funner to play with a tight knit group than just random parties of people.
  11. You normally when you have admins in bad moods and will ban for any reason you don't make them admins. >.>