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  1. Sorry for the lack of posts, I never used the forums until now. More of a MCF guy, x3 Your Game NickName= Crontic Age= | 14 Reason why do you want to join this server?= I wish to join this server because I am tired of playing singe player, and I am looking for a small oriented (I.E. 20PL) server that I can enjoy. I also wish to join a whitelisted server where minges (Rule Breakers) run rampant, on my old server I had created a thirty story building that a griefer turned to sponge with /w :c Experienced in tekkit?= Yes, and No. My strongest part of tekkit is Buildcraft, Redpower, and Computercraft, however, all of my other sections are a little weaker than the average tekkit-er, however I have played Nostalgia Minecraft since 2009. Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= Yes.
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