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  1. Was out of space, have fixed for the moment and have the hosts working to expand. Regarding the loss of stuff, most likely logged out in a temp world (which is heavily warned against). Can't think of any other reason that would happen. Anyhoo, back up for the moment and am monitoring closely with hosts.
  2. Will speak with Pro. Have never known him to mute/jail/ban lightly. Not sure what your definition of trolling is, but the rules specify to be mindful and respectful of others. My perception of trolling doesn't fall into that. Either way, will speak with him. Have fun.
  3. You will stabilise it quite a bit by disabling ships in better dungeons though you will still have issues with underground dungeons. These issues were fixed awhile ago in BD, but Hexxit doesn't seem to want to update it. If its a private server you may want to update BD yourself, just know that no one else will be able to connect with it without first updating theirs too.
  4. Interesting... Could be it. Had another user that needed an item edit to get back on... Will pm you.
  5. All seems fine from this end with players on. Have you tried reinstalling Hexxit?
  6. he just released a new version yesterday which you may want to try.
  7. == Ubur Hexxit == Server IP: == Why? == A freshly baked 1.0.5 24 slot Hexxit server designed for fun. On top of the full Hexxit mod set (excluding DD), we use: - GriefPrevention - to protect your goods - Factions - for those wanting to "belong" - mcMMO - because its fun to party - No donations system. Just plain fun. - 7g server up 24/7 - Regenerating loot world that changes frequently to ensure there are always fresh dungeons to run. Come join us and have a laugh hosing out the plethora of dungeons and such, all just begging for your tombstone. == Rules == No offensive language Don't ask staff for items or TP's. Don't join just to ask to be a mod. Mods are selected from active players based on how they interact with others No spamming No hacking No advertising Treat others with respect See you there.
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