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  1. glad you found a solution - tho when you say the patterns were tweaked - how did you tweak them? thanks.
  2. hello. i have created a network that auto smelters ores and dust rather than storig them. i prefer to pulverize what i need when making something like hardened glass. so i have set it to pulverize obsidian and lead, then smelt these to create hardened glass. i thought this was workig great until i looked in the induction smelter to find that i always had an excess of one of the dust items - therefore not freeing the machine up for other recipies. is there a simple way to control this? i am trying not to use any pipes in my network. it seems the network gets confused as to how many items it needs to pulverize. it would be great to be able to flush out any excess input items, but i dont see how this is possible. thanks.
  3. hello, i have finally set up an assembly chamber and have tested auto crafting simple recipies that are usually created on a crafting table - no problems there. i am however stuck on how to create items requiring export to a furnace such as glass. i have encoded a pattern using sand -> glass. when i put this in the chamber it does have a red background - i am assuing this means it doesnt recognise it as a normal ME crafting recipe. i then have an ME interface that is connected to the input side of the furnace. the furnace has an input bus on the output side, going back to network. i have tested to see if the import side of it works by manually placing sand in the furnace. sure enough, after it's cooked, the glass goes directly into the network. just wondering how can i automate this from the actual terminal? thanks.
  4. Thanks for the tips. Strangely tho I have had to use an extra storage bus else the items would just stay in the interface and not import into my existing network. Ie each dsu has 2 storage bus' - one for import from interface and one connected to main network. Could this be because I am running 2 me controllers? Cheers.
  5. hello - i am trying to clean up my item storage and remove as many pipes as possible by importing items from quarries directly into my DSU's that are connected to the network via a storage bus each. as you cannot directly link a pipe to ME chests, i noticed that an ME interface can. however i have no idea how to export the items from the ME interface once they are in there. basically i have an ME cable running from the ME interface into each DSU. i have an import bus on each DSU (not sure whether i need this) so the network knows what item to store in each DSU. i have tried using an export bus from the ME interface - changing the arrow configurations, etc. - yet i just cant seem to get it to export the items. any clues? or maybe i am just tackling this the wrong way. thank you. EDIT: ah got it - i needed an ME controller and chest next to it with an import bus on the chest and a storage bus on the DSU's instead. works a treat now!
  6. after about 5 hours of manual labour i had just enough diamonds to make a quarry. after building a huge trench down to bedrock around my base using the same single quarry, i now have over 70 diamonds. i have found letting quarries run whilst i do my own thing eventually builds up quite a few diamonds.
  7. hello - i have noticed an issue in the nether since i started to create quarries in there. suddenly all nether blocks are flickering white in time to the quarry mining. this does not include ores or other blocks - just the animated nether blocks. my system is quite powerful and is running tekkit without any other issues at a steady framerate. just wondering if anyone else is exepriencing something similar. thanks.
  8. hi - yeah i do use optifine - i just like too many of the settings it introduces. i do get a little clipping with containers but not enough to bother me. seems i did have to force java to use my gpu and now the game is running smoothly with barely a framedrop. also the sphax texturepack is working just fine and looks amazing - i just couldnt play minecraft any other way. thanks.
  9. hmmm - i am confused then. i have just done a test - copied my entire tekkit folder and taken it to work and put it on my laptop. now it is a pretty powerful laptop, but nothing like the specs i have at home - and it runs fine. a slight drop in fps with the 64 bit sphax textures - but still playable. what on earth could be causing this? my machine at home is clean, has only games installed and still runs witcher 2, tropico 4, skyrim, far cry 3, etc. at max settings without breaking a sweat. i dont understand exactly how minecraft can be so resource hungry - ie i dont really fully understand the mechanics - so is there something i can try to make it run better on my more powerful machine? clearly something is causing a bottle neck. i'd really appreciate any advice. thanks. ok - after a bit of research i can only conclude that MC is simply not registering my graphics card. i do remember one option last night - fancy fog - not allowing me to select it - and i know for sure my GPU supports it. i will have a look at this when i get home - but this certainly seems to be a good possibility.
  10. yes thanks ive tried that - just don't get why it is all of a sudden so sluggish it is unplayable. id have thought 16gig ram with quad core i5-2500k and 2G GTX 680 would have been substantial enough to run this without a problem.
  11. hello - I can no longer use this texture pack with 1.1.8 - my framerate drops to about 1fps - when I change to default the game runs smoothly. also my lava texture is now simply white. anyone else having issues with this texture pack since update? id really love to use it. thanks.
  12. hmmm openblocks does look good. definitely going to have a play with that. simple stuff but there are a number of great recipies in there that i would use quite often. thanks.
  13. hello - just wondering if anyone has this running successfully with 1.1.8 it sort of works for me but the textures are missing or are clearly messed up. id love a simple elevator mod and this is the only one i have found that moves quickly. thanks.
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