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  1. Last back up I made was over a week ago got lazy lol. But it seems its my world thats corrupt generating a new world worked just fine but using any world files from the time of reboot gives tons of errors its ok though I just started a new world, it seems after talkin with a few of my players that no one besides me had invested much time in building so i gave them creative mode for a while today and we will be ok lol. Good thing its basiclly a cpl of buddies and my wife. If I had a bigger server i think theyd hang me :P
  2. Ok im posting here first because i don't know if I should be submitting bug reports, crash reports or if there is an easy fix to this. My pc froze up and had to be hard reset, and when it came back up I started server and got an exception with server tick loop. In the report it noted a cfg with unknown characters. Upon opening the cfg file it was all NULL in notepad++ I deleted the file so it could be regenerated. Well starting server again showed another cgf file with same issue. So I figured all my cfg files had been nullified and made a backup of config folder the deleted the old one hoping a newly generated one would fix the problem, it did nothing i still get crashing. Is there an easy way to just resurrect my world on a new server build? like just start fresh new server but with old world. Cause im not sure what happened but it seems it would be easier to just make fresh server install and copy old world and config into it then make changes to the cfg files in new server build? Any help would be greatly appreciated, for me and all my players!!
  3. I am no expert but just a check list of things I usually make sure are good to go on both ends. First off they have the correct address port blah blah, which seems to be fine for him to get as far as to even have the server generating errors. Second, and not an accusation by any means, but everyone has legit copies of game and game is in online mode? Another is are you using white-list and if so are they added? Im guessing they are or it would specifically tell you they aren't white-listed. Like I said im no expert but maybe something will jog your memory or give a clue as to what may be going on here. I dont even see in this error report it saying its receiving a connection from (IP) anyways sorry im not really much help but thought maybe if I put down the basics of what I check maybe it would help in some way lol.
  4. I kind f cheated and made diamond clusters bigger and also spawn up to lvl 30 its just me and my wife on a home server so nothing to kill the balance of a pvp server but less head ache trying to find diamonds when we want to just play and make random stuff lol. Thanks for all the tips and programs though they are extremely helpful already :)
  5. Oh very nice!!! Now for those programs, I need a disk or something added to the turtle right? This is my first go at any tekkit.
  6. well i found enough diamonds for another turtle. wasnt paying attention to my level and sent him on a run at level 9?? lol anyways hes burried in lava somehwere so ill start another branch/strip mine after some sleep. Thanks guys. Still after 2 years hard to believe my luck is this bad lol.
  7. See thats the thing! Right under my spawn area there is a massive cave system cris-crossing a ravine as well as being intertwined with and old mining rails area lol. maybe i should go find a better mining spot i guess im at the point i basiclly only need diamonds lol. Ill keep hunting. Thanks
  8. I have been playing the new tekkit 1.1.8 for around 9 hours now and have been mining the whole time. I have only found 4 diamonds and 1 emerald. Is this normal? I used the diamonds to makee a mining turtle hoping things would pick up a bit but still havent found anymore diamons? I have played minecraft for 2 years so im used to digging to the bottom and finding diamonds near lava and bed rock but this is starting to get rediculous any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated
  9. ok cool thank you. I only run for me and a couple of buddies so perms shouldnt be an issue just dont want everyone being opped like i had to do on bukkit before i got perms set up, which being op bypasses way to much.
  10. ok cool beans. Usually not finding this or not loading that leads to big errors and corrupt worlds later in my experience so was worried lol. Thanks for clearin that up One quick question though, are permissions needed with tekkit? cause those where a huge head ache with bukkit
  11. First off ive been running a bukkit server since 1.3.2 with much success. Today i decided to take the plunge and check out tekkit and hexxit mods and servers. So i start out with tekkit. Downloaded the 1.1.8 from main page boot it up and as the console window fills with info I see error after error. most warnings but a few severe. So many that i cant scroll back up too see all of them. Sitting here with what I can see in the window right now I have, Call getItem failed for electronicCircut, advacedCircuit, iridiumPlate, energyCrystal. Severe Universal Recipes: Error registering calclavia:ADVANCED BATTERY, battery_box,wrench,motor, and skipping down a few, MMMPS-SEVERE failed to get MFFS item, failed to get thermal expansion item teleport base,energyframefull theres more like STDERR Mekanism error while adding recipe...multiples of those too. I have changed nothing in any config filed folders and so on. I simply extracted rar, ran the .bat file. let it load, stopped and reloaded to make sure all files had been created and initialised. I have no clue where to go from here. Half tempted just to play SSP but who knows if the mods and such are loading correctly for he client either? anyways anyhelp would be awsome. I hope Ive given correct enough info.
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