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  1. SkyDome is a server that was put up because we wanted to have our own server that could compete with others servers! We recommend using this texture pack Also, you get a free nickname with one color of your choice! Rules: 1: Be respectful 2: Be ethical 3: Use common sense 4: No griefing spawn 5: No begging for permissions 6: Keep swearing to a minimum 7: No spamming chat 8: No naked skins 9: No hacking 10: No duping Banned Item(s): Volcanite Amulet Time for a short tour of the server! Spawn: MobArena: Shop: Too short?Don't worry there will be more later on!But for now lets do the plugin list! ;D (Sorry you can't use a lot of these! D;) Citizens DisguiseCraft (You can use this later on with donations/trust!) Eseentials Factions FactionsPlus iConomy Lagmeter Lift (Elevators!) MCMMO MultiVerse (Donatorworlds!!) PermissionsEx PowerTool Tim the enchanter Vanish Vault Worldedit Too Boring?Back to pictures! PartyRoom!!!! Desert Warp! Plains Warp! Want to see more?Get on our server! Worried of getting bullied?Don't worry, so far (even though we don't have many people) the people who have joined have been very kind!Also don't be a afraid to ask for help, it's like school, you can ask for help and sure some people will think your nooby, but you more you learn, the more enjoyable Tekkit will be! Also, you get a free nickname with one color of your choice! To apply for mod please answer the questions by leaving a reply or sending me an email. (in this order) Email: [email protected] IGN: Times been banned(And why): Why you want to be a mod: What you think you can offer the server: The server will be usually be up everyday for 5-24 hours.The IP is:
  2. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][30 slots][Whitelist] \ IGN:Frankstar10 Have you ever been banned:No What do you plan to do on the server:Have fun and explore tekkit. What is your experience level with Tekkit?I have moderate experience with Tekkit.