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  1. Thank you, Maxis. You are more adept at searching the platform than I.
  2. Hi all, I recently upgraded from the old launcher to the new one, and looking at the mod list on the launcher page, Technic is mysteriously absent. The launcher is named Technic, the website is named Technic, the forums are named Technic, but Technic itself isn't on my modpack list. I am aware that Technic was simply a compilation of mods, however it was a compilation of mods I really enjoyed using, and would like to continue doing so. If anyone could tell me where I can find Technic (even if it's an old version), or if it no longer exists, then what the closest alternative is, I would be most grateful. I've tried the main 'Tekkit' mod pack (the blue one), but it appears to be missing a number of things that were present in the old Technic. If anyone could spare a few moments to bring me up to speed so I can continue to appreciate the effort and hard work put in by the modding community; that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. ...