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  1. I can get the modpack to load without Optifine, but once I install Optifine on to the pack, it won't load. The launcher closes as if it's loading Minecraft, but it just comes back. I can't get on the Minecraft menu at all, just the Technic Launcher. And yes, I am installing Optifine correctly.
  2. Although, should my engine even be running? It isn't showing that it is on by moving its parts or whatever it moves.
  3. I remember seeing one of those. It took the guy about 2 hours to make one red matter with a very tiny one.
  4. Wow, 0.1 MJ/t is soooo underpowered.
  5. My pulveriser. It worked on another modpack, I see no reason it shouldn't here. Should I use a universal cable?
  6. I tried using a redstone engine, and it didnt start. I tried levers, torches, and dust all powering it, but it didnt work. I went in CM on my other world, and it worked. Plz halp.
  7. You actually keep your stuff if you have it when you go into limbo and not die. I remember my first experience, though. Sit down, kiddies and adults alike, storytime! I was wandering around my world, then I saw a graveyard with a DDoor spawned right in the middle of it. I walked in, explored the little fortress-like area I was in, and found no other doors. I did, however see a bit of a glitching entity. I broke a few blocks to get a better look at it. All I saw was a purple eye, which opened and made a sound similar to a nether portal and a skull Kid from Zelda laughing combined, and next thing I knew, everything was black. A minute went by, nothing. I checked my F3 menu, and sure enough, I was rapidly falling. I hit the ground, and heard more of those eerie sounds. I turned around, there was an eye. Right before it opened fully, I turned around, stared at the ground, and ran for a good 30 seconds. I looked up, there were at least 5 eyes staring into my soul. I turned around, there were more. I noticed a red patch on my minimap a good 200 blocks away, so I ran through hordes of these vile eye-creatires until I reached it. I tried breaking it with a pick, nope. Shovel, nope. Sword, nope. I then realized it gave off light. I looked at the small cliff I jumped off to get near it, and I saw them. Horrific black creatures, in the shape of a wall. I saw hundreds flying everywhere. Endermen in the end seemed as miniscule as ants compared to these beasts. I jumped in the red pit, hoping to not catch on fire, but I was relieved. I fell into my world, right near my house. I landed on some cool rare blocks for the harvesting, and I went about my daily business. I will never be the same. END. Quite honestly, this scared the shizzle wizzle out of me. I felt worse than someone playing Slender. Let this be a warning to everyone. Be it endermen or random floaty things, don't look at random eyes.
  8. Okay, that helps. I suppose the Yoglabs was a tad outdated, condiering there were only a handful of planets. I did start this about hexxit, and it went off into a tangent about Tekkit Main, as they both interested me and I wanted to play them, but Hexxit was the one I was playing at the time. :p
  9. Rly? Wow, never knew it updated. I have a new small issue with Space Tekkit. I can't find the slot to input the rocket fuel in. I know how to do it, I saw the YogLabs about it. there is absolutely no slot where it says "Fuel" while I'm in the rocket. EDIT: Still wanna know how much memory to allocate with an HD Sphax 64x texture pack on Tekkit Space. EDIT 2: Having trouble launching Tekkit Space, it rarely even loads, but when it does, the FML loads everything at 0% and the MC screen is white, doesn't even show the "MOJANG" decal. Halp me! D:
  10. D5? I only see ultra D1 for 1.5.1 (Hexxit) on optifine.net. I suppose that is what I'll get for it. I do see D5 for 1.5.2 (Space Tekkit) How much memory should I allocate whilst playing on Tekkit space and using sphax 64x?
  11. I use Sphax 128x or 64x if any, but I normally don't. If I do use it, I get like 10 at either. Optifine is HD D1. Yeah, the core isn't prime for gaming, I didn't buy the computer.
  12. IDK about my processor, pretty sure it's bad. Intel Core i3, it tells me. I'm using the most updated version of optifine for the 1.5.1
  13. Does anyone have any ideas on how to increase my absolutely crappy FPS? I am getting about 20 with all my video settings set to crappy and fast. I also have optifine, and I also set my comp priority to high for MC when I play it. Any ideas at all? FYI: This is for any modpack, I just chose HExxit as it is the one I felt like playing.
  14. Nevermind, it crashed it trying to download the correct optifine and nothing else, and I need optifine to play, kinda really laggy.
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